Brennan Spiral Wound Gaskets

Motion carries a large collection of spiral wound gaskets for your seal and gasket requirements. Search through a variety of different thicknesses and diameters.

If you're looking for top quality spiral wound gaskets from leading industrial brands, Motion is the place to be. Here, we stock and well a wide range of products, including various sorts of spiral wound gaskets from high quality providers.

What are Spiral Wound Gaskets?

A spiral wound gasket, is a type of gasket. Typically used in high pressure environments and situations, these gaskets help to create strong and resistant seals by winding two materials into spiral-like shapes. Similar to other small machine components, spiral wound gaskets may be made of different types of metal and plastic. They're available in various sizes and have a ring-like shape, with a hole down the center, surrounded by a ring of metal or other material.

What are Spiral Wound Gaskets Used for?

So, what is a spiral wound gasket used for? These little components can have a huge range of applications and functions. Their main function is to fit over a flange joint or other connector to seal it shut. Thanks to their diverse range of applications, spiral wound gaskets can be used in dozens of different industries, from the world of petrochemicals to automotive development, food production, and more.

The Best Spiral Wound Gaskets

When working with small machine components like spiral wound gaskets, quality is crucial. To get the results you want, you need to work with high-grade parts that won’t let you down, like those you’ll find for sale at Motion. Always committed to quality, we only offer the finest spiral wound gaskets and bearings.

Buy Spiral Wound Gaskets Online

Choose Motion for your next order of spiral wound gaskets. No matter what size, type, or material you need in your spiral wound gaskets, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in our online store. Check out the full catalog and place your order today.

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