Brennan Retaining Rings

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What are Retaining Rings?

Retaining rings are specific kinds of fasteners that help to retain or hold components in place on a shaft or housing of some kind. They're usually used in grooves, and they're designed for one-time usage.

There are various different types of retaining rings. We can divide them into groups like external retaining rings and internal retaining rings, and they may also be made from a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, copper, and carbon steel. They may also have a variety of finishes.

What Are Retaining Rings Used for?

The main function of a retaining ring, as the name suggests, is to retain or hold things in place. These rings are typically used in grooves and help to hold assemblies or components onto some kind of shaft or housing. Once they have been fitted, the exposed section of the retaining rings serves as a kind of shoulder to support and retain the component it is connected to. Retaining rings can be used in a wide range of systems and machines, whenever shafts and bores are involved.

The Best Retaining Rings

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