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Motion carries a robust inventory of O-rings for your gasket and seal requirements. Choose from a vast selection of O-rings based on hardness, material, outside diameter, and cross section.

Looking for high quality O-rings that won't let you down? No matter what size or type of O-rings you require, you'll find them all at Motion, along with many other gaskets, seals, and sealing accessories.

What are O-rings?

An O-ring, which may also be known under other names like toric joints, is a specific type of mechanical gasket. As the name suggests, an O-ring is formed in an O or donut-like shape, technically known as a torus. Made from simple polymers, O-rings are used for forming seals between parts. They can have many applications and are some of the cheapest, easiest-to-make, and most reliable seals used in industrial applications today.

What are O-rings Used for?

The main function of O-rings is to form a seal between two joining parts. The O-ring is placed between the parts, acting as a sealing connector and helping to stop leaks and losses of gas or liquid, while also forming a layer of protection against debris. Different types and materials of O-rings may be used to seal components against various liquids and gases, and O-rings can handle high levels of pressure without breaking or bursting.

The Best O-rings

When using any kind of seal or gasket, including O-rings, it’s important to use good quality parts that won’t let you down. A good O-ring should be able to reliably keep your components and machines safe, while poor quality products can break or fail. At Motion, you’ll find nothing but the very best O-rings for sale from leading brands.

Buy O-rings Online

Motion aims to be your best choice for seals and gaskets like rubber O-rings and O-rings kits. We have a wide range of products in stock and ready to deliver, with super service and fair prices. Take a look through the full range and place your order today.

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American Packing & Gasket Company 446 BUNA-N 70   

O-Ring - 0.275 in Cross Section, 8.4750 in ID, 9.0250 in OD, 70 Durometer, Nitrile (NBR) Material

MI ITEM 03521404

Factory Order
American Packing & Gasket Company 446 BUNA-N 70
for your price $3.46each
American Packing & Gasket Company 446 BUNA-N 70
American Packing & Gasket Company 446 BUNA-N 70
MI ITEM 03521404
Available - Factory Order